8 Ways To Stop Wearing Out Your 4WD Faster


A 4×4 is an expensive purchase and there is no way that you want to be forking out more than you have to for maintenance and upkeep. These 8 tips along with the appropriate 4×4 accessories will help you increase the lifecycle of  your 4wd, giving you extra years of joyful off-roading without the added expense caused by wear and tear.

1. Clean it up

Not only will this keep your 4×4 looking good, importantly it prevents damage caused by mud and corrosion. Salt and sand can rain havoc on your bodywork and encourage rust, not only on your paintwork but on other important vehicle component.

TJM Equipped Toyota Hilux - Sand Driving Technique

2. Clearance

Each 4×4 has its own clearance and you need to know yours. If you know you’re going to be hitting terrain that needs a greater clearance, don’t risk damaging your vehicle. If you know you’re heading to some rough terrain then you might want to use a new suspension and lift kit to improve a smooth ride and reduce risk of damage.


3. Tyres

There are a couple of things to be aware of when looking at your tyres. Firstly general maintenance such as checking for splits and cracks should be routine. Secondly keeping an eye on your tyre pressure will preserve tyre life. Having high pressured tyres on rough terrain can reduce the life of your tyres. A good tyre gauge and air compressor will make life a lot easier for you to inflate and deflate tyres as you need to.


Pictured: TJM Air Compressor

4. Brakes

The harder you work something the quicker it wears out. It make sense not to work your brakes harder than you have too. The other important element is to keep an eye on cables, fluid and check pads for damage. Cleaning them will also remove any grime that gets built up in there.


5. Maintenance

Check the manufacturer’s guidelines and consider what you should be doing regularly with regards to oil and filter changes. Getting an expert to periodically give your 4wd the once over will definitely add years to it’s life.


6. Oil change

Mechanics will repeatedly tell you to change your oil and that’s not without reason. If you have an older truck with a higher mileage you should change your filter as well as the oil.




7. Overloading

Adding extra weight to your 4wd doesn’t do it any favours. Everything has to work harder to move the load. Your 4wd will have a maximum capacity and it’s primarily there for safety, but it’s also there for you to get maximum efficiency without risk of damage.


8. Inspect and replace

Just like regular maintenance it’s important to inspect your vehicle regularly. If you find damage then replace that part before it has a knock-on affect on any other part of the vehicle. This includes fluids, cables, tyres and shock absorbers.

You could probably add a few more things to this list. Take care of your 4wd now and it will take care of you for years to come.


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