3 Top Tips For The 4×4 Beginner

3 Top Tips For The 4x4 Beginner

When you first dip your toe in the 4×4 waters it isn’t long before you are knee deep in information, advice and 4×4 Accessories. When you’re starting out it can be hard to keep up with what you should doing. In this blog post we’ve covered our 3 top tips for the beginner 4×4 off-roader.

1. Give yourself chance

If you’re a ‘newbie’ to off-roading you should start easy and build up. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t be a master off-roader overnight. You will gain skill and experience by building up your knowledge and experience one off-road track at a time. To start with get comfortable and confident in relatively light duty terrain and hills. To avoid tears (nobody wants your 4wd wrecked before you’ve really begun) stick to existing trails that are firm. We know you can’t wait to get going (we’ve all been there) but the first ride after a rain or a zip down to a sandy beach the minute you get your hands behind the wheel are a recipe for disaster for a beginner. Give yourself the opportunity to learn how to handle your 4wd and the terrain it’s on. You might also find it useful to enrol in a course to get you up to speed with some key 4×4 off-road know how.

2. Right equipment

There are a heap of 4×4 accessories available and it can be hard to know where to start. We’d always suggest you have a recovery kit, regardless of where you are going or what your plans are, you will want to be able to get yourself unstuck. The types and amount of accessories are totally dependent on the outcome you want to achieve and the off-road journey you want to go on. For example, you might want to look at a specific bull bar if you’re planning a trip where you’re at risk of animal strikes or lift kits and tyres if you know your 4×4 needs a bit of extra clearance. If you’re not sure where to begin you can search online, visit forums, join a club or speak to one of our expert team members who will be able to help you.


Pictured: TJM Signature Alloy Bull Bar Suit Toyota Hilux 2005-2011

 3. Planning

Any experienced off-roader will tell you that planning is key to an enjoyable and safe off-road journey. It doesn’t matter where you’re heading as long as you plan everything you need to get there. Safety is one of the most basic principles of off-roading and should always be a priority. The best way to keep safe is to plan as much as you can. This can be as straightforward as knowing your route and taking someone with you for your first time. Make sure you have a recovery kit, any tools you might need and the right tyres. Have enough petrol, water and any other accessories you might need on the way.

Starting out as a 4×4 off-roader can be exciting and it is tempting to jump straight in. Taking simple steps to prevent damage to your vehicle or worse still injury to you is important. Give yourself chance to learn the skills you need. Make sure you have the right equipment and plan everything that you can plan for.


Pictured: TJM Large Recovery Kit

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