3 Reasons Why You Need A Bull Bar


Vehicle protection in the form of Bull bars are essential pieces of kit for your off-road adventure. You’ll come across various opinions on whether you should have a bull bar or a nudge bar. We’ll tell you that bull bars are hands down the best protection you can offer yourself and your vehicle against animal strikes in the outback. If you’re starting out and want to know the advantages of having one or you aren’t sure what to look for in a quality bull bar, here’s some insider advice.


1. Safety

Bull bars are designed to prevent the energy of an animal impact dissipating through the vehicle. This works two-fold. Firstly, reducing the damage from the impact to your vehicle and secondly, by protecting the people inside the vehicle. If you strike an animal whilst off-roading or on a coastal road, bull bars can be a potential lifesaver.


2. Protection

If you are speaking to a bull bar naysayer (there are a couple around), what they might not realise is that newer bull bars are better designed than they used to be.  The other advantages (other than animal strike protection) are that they offer defence against other minor accidents and provide protection against stray rocks and small scrapes.


3. Practical

Safety and protection are the first two important advantages, but there are also other practical advantages too. A bull bar provides the perfect place to fit your essential accessories such as lights and winches. Bull bars are part of the off-roader life and its pretty standard to have your lights and winch attached alongside the bull bar.



Picture: TJM Signature Alloy Bull Bar suit Ford Ranger PXII



As with most 4×4 accessories, it often pays to make sure you’re getting quality. You want a strong bull bar, but the other consideration is to ensure there are strong mounts. There are some restrictive laws around how and what is fitted and if these aren’t followed, you could risk your insurance company not covering you should a strike happen.


Tips for fitting

  • The bull-bar follows the profile of the vehicle
  • bull-bar must not increase the width of the vehicle (excluding the mirrors).
  • Any sharp edges on the bull-bar shall be chamfered or radiused.
  • No open-ended frame members
  • No small components (such as brackets) shall be attached to the front of the bull-bar.
  • Ensuring calibration of airbag deployment
  • Is either certified by the car manufacturer as suitable for that vehicle or it has been demonstrated by the bull bar company it is compliant with Australian Design Rules (ADR)


Pictured: TJM Explorer Bull Bar suit Nissan Patrol GU Y62 Wagon 2013+


Nudge bars

If you don’t need or want a bull bar, then the nudge bar is an option. These are lighter and smaller and are designed to protect your 4×4 against minor scratches and bumps. Like the bull bar, they also provide a place to add accessories such as lights.


Pictured: TJM Signature Bull Bar suit Ford Everest 2015+


Bull bars are an essential accessory for any 4×4 off-roader. If you’re not sure which bull bar you need or how to fit it then you can speak to one of our team at TJM Perth for more advice.


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