3 Must Have 4×4 Interior Accessories

3 must have 4x4 interior accessories

There are some 4×4 interior accessories that you don’t realise how much you need them until you have them. Then there’s no going back. We have picked three interior accessories that we would say are a must for the serious off-roader. Whether you take your 4×4 for short or long off-road treks, one thing that all of us need is the efficient and safe storage of items. Packing up the 4×4 and making the most of the available space, whilst protecting what you’re carrying, as well as stopping it from damaging your 4×4 or even worse your passengers is a priority. So unlike all the other 4×4 interior accessories lists you’ll find, these accessories are essential for both beginner and hardcore 4×4 drivers.

1. Drawers and storage

Having drawers in the back of your 4×4 will give you the best chance of making the most of your available space, and ensuring your items are organised and protected from damage. Drawers and storage can be entirely customisable and can include a fridge slider as part of the design. Made to be efficient, lightweight and easy to use, they will give you the best, most organised capacity in the rear of your vehicle. There is nothing better than knowing exactly where everything is to fix a problem you come across.

MSA Rear Drawer Systems – 4×4 Rear Drawers Perth

Pictured: MSA Rear Drawer Systems – 4×4 Rear Drawers Perth

2. Fridge Slide

You might have thought we would list a fridge as a must have 4×4 accessory, but we bet you have one of those already. What you really need is Fridge slide. A fridge always comes top of the list when it comes to interior accessories (cold beers right?) but it’s no good if you can’t get to it to pull out one of those ice-cold beers. A well-positioned fridge slide will give you quick and easy access. Firstly, sliding your fridge to you. If you want to you can have the ability for it to drop down over the ridge of the back of the 4×4, so you can pull open the lid and see exactly what you want to get out.

Clearview Easy Slide – 4×4 Fridge Slide Perth

Pictured: Clearview Easy Slide – 4×4 Fridge Slide Perth

3. Cargo barriers

Cargo barriers keep everything that is in the rear of the 4×4 actually in the rear of the 4×4. Stopping random items spilling over into the passenger areas. This can be particularly important if you are doing some hefty and demanding off-roading where your rear storage can begin to resemble the spin on a tumble dryer. Sudden movement sends objects into the back seat or even up as far as the driver seat. Cargo barriers are affordable, quick and easy to install and remove and can be adjusted to be moved to section off different areas.

Milford Cargo Barrier


Pictured: Milford Cargo Barrier

Interior accessories that organise, secure and protect your belongings on your 4×4 road trip are essential in making the journey not only smooth, but also enjoyable. It saves you a heap of time when you are able to find things easily, pack more into your 4×4 and have easy access to those all important cold beer after an long hot day on the road.

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