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TJM Perth is Permanently Closed

Message from Patrick Koo, founder of TJM Perth: –

“The time has come to say goodbye…”

On behalf of the management of TJM Perth, I wish to announce the closure of business by TJM Perth. TJM Perth has been operating the TJM business at the O’Connor store for more than 17 years. The decision to close this business is a sad but necessary one. For those who are not in the know, my dear wife, Clare, has been suffering from Younger Onset Dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease) for quite many years. For those who are acquainted with YOD, you will understand the ravages of the disease. For those who have less knowledge of the disease, suffice it to say that it is a dreadful condition which weighs considerably on both the sufferer and the carer. I have endeavoured my level best to cope with caring for Clare and juggling it with the demands of the TJM business over these years. Sadly, Clare’s condition has now deteriorated to the point that it is no longer possible for me to continue this juggling act. I have decided that I would like to spend more time to provide Clare with a better level of care whilst I still can.

Before we move on, I would like to personally thank each and every customer who has visited us and patronised our store. Whilst the O’Connor store may not have the trappings of some other much larger stores, we have always endeavoured to make your dealing a pleasant one with a point of difference. On those few occasions when we fell short, please accept my sincere apologies and thank you all for your understanding. For those who have continued to support us in ways big or small – and especially those who supported us because you wanted to support either a local business and/or a family owned business, I wish to extend my gratitude to you. The TJM façade in WA has changed considerably in recent years with the big TJM corporate stores opened in Kewdale and Wangara and it is my wish that you will continue to experience the pleasant and professional approaches associated with small local (and usually family owned) businesses with their personal touch.

To the suppliers who had belief and faith in us with your products and especially those who have provided referrals, I say “Thank You”. I should also mention that there were suppliers who went out of their way to make matters happen. To you, I would also like to say “Thank You”.

I have always run my business frugally. Whilst other may take a different approach, I operated the TJM business at O’Connor all these years without any bank loans. Whilst some may argue that you can grow faster with loans from financial institutions (and in the process make money from bank loans), I chose not to for fear of the “fair weather” treatment. Be it that I may not have been entirely right with my approach but at least I can implement my closure plans without having to be concerned with any bank loans. This alone makes it all worthwhile as otherwise matters would have been far more complicated.

A successful business is not one which comes about just simply because of location and products. It must be manned by suitable personnel. Over the years there have been many who have joined as staff members – some for a short stint and others for a much longer stint. For those who have risen to the occasion when it was so required, I thank you. Thank you also for staying to do overtime, repeatedly, when jobs so required. Thank you for making your contribution count so that the paying customers leave with pleasant memories of the service level. I will leave my gratitude to my business partner, Steve Fullagar, in the private domain between us.

The closure of business at the TJM O’Connor store is scheduled to take place on 26 March 2020. In these last few weeks we will hold closure sales. Many items in store will be marked down. Please do drop by and see if there are any products which suits your needs.

I will embark on a different journey thereafter and, once again, thank you.

Perth’s Leading 4×4 Accessories Shop

Welcome to TJM Perth, we are a TJM distributor of a diverse range of quality 4×4 accessories for Western Australians. We sell TJM 4wd Accessories along with many other reputable suppliers in Australia, ensuring that our customers are getting the best quality equipment to go along with our high standard of service. Since the inception in 1973, TJM has demonstrated remarkable dedication and knowledge about 4WD products and equipment. In this time they have successfully built a sterling reputation throughout Australia for their dedication, passion and, above all, top of the line 4×4 accessories.

The TJM brand reaches all across Australia and is always at the forefront of the newest and latest technology and design. TJM Perth services Perth and surrounding areas by providing exquisite driving and camping gear, while also offering professional advice and assistance.

Address: 9 Pritchard St, O’Connor WA 6163 – Australia

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We have recently signed out with Zip Money, which allow our customer to be able to purchase their 4×4 Accessories in a payment plan up to 12 months interest free! This makes it easier for you to get your dream 4×4 today and space out your cashflow over a period of time. Find out more about our 4×4 accessories finance offer!

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Our Range

TJM designs and crafts our very own range of accessories and utensils for those who love to venture into nature and who fancy themselves as outdoorsmen. Our aim is to always deliver products that are functionally sound, durable and appropriate for a myriad of different conditions. Whether you are taking a trip into the most captivating parts of the outback or are indulging in a beachside camping trip, we want our 4×4 accessories to thrive.

Our range of products includes tow barsbull bars, nudge bars, side bars, rear bars, suspension, recovery gear, camping gear, canopies and much more. Whatever you could possibly require when travelling in your 4WD can be found amongst the ranks of the TJM product line.


More than Just a Retailer

At TJM we never want to simply be an outlet where our customer relationships only revolve around making sales. Our team will always endeavour to take extra steps to guarantee that every customer finds the right product for them. We are always more than willing to help suggest and install products, while also always making sure that you are going in the direction that you originally intended. Our friendly staff are always on hand to provide suggestions and solutions for every individual.

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If you want some advice or recommendations on 4×4 Accessories, come visit our store at 9 Pritchard St, O’Connor WA 6163 or give us a call on (08) 9331 2788